I stayed with friends in Chicago as part of a holiday primecups in America. To be honest, I always had something to bars and restaurants are taking too stuffy and decided to head inserted in the center of the city of Chicago for some time for me. I borrowed my friend's car and went to a club called "No Strings " I was told was good for the search for single women. The club had its own parking lot, and I found my way to the Bar Night Club. The first thing I noticed was the beginning of two women sitting on stools in the mid- 50's at the bar. A blonde and a brunette. He glanced in all directions, as if it were someone in particular, primecups to the search. Dyed hair, heavy makeup, of course, cougars, I thought. The club was certainly lively and there were many women on the dance floor. I sat there for a while and took it all in after a while I looked over the two lions that were sitting near me. The blonde and the brunette was missing was a little uncomfortable. Icame and sat beside him. "Your boyfriend leaves you," he said. She told me that her friend, Janis had been submitted for a dance with a guy and still had'nt gone. She told me her name was Donna and Janis and they were together in a rare night. Donna asked me where I was, because my accent, and I told him I was from Belfast. He confessed that he does not usually drink alcohol, but she had tried a few small wines, red and she was drunk to say the least. I offered a different, but he refused and opted for a mineral water with ice. Time passed and still no sign of Janis. I was attracted to Donna, and finally got up the nerve to kiss her. She replied, and went his tongue between his lips, and she put her hand on my thigh. , I asked if they want to go and sit in my car to talk for a while, and it was hot and strong in the club and to my surprise, I said the way forward. Once seated in the car, we Kissing and touched my leg and gently put his hand on his thighs with stockings under her skirt. I felt the top half of her bare thighs and to my amazement, a naked and shaved pussy. "for No Strings No Strings," laughed Donna. Janis was his idea. She was too fat and red at the same time. He smiled, kissed her again and hit her clit hard and very prominent. Donna recline the seat and sighed. I rubbed my pussy and turned on her clit between my thumb and forefinger. Donna moaned loudly and I have to lick his knees and began to film her clitoris with my lips and tongue. Donna struck in orgasm, I took her to shore and held him and put his head hard against the groaning louder and urged me to go faster. Then the phone rang, she answered: "This is Janis," said Janis had returned and became sensitive to be alone. Donna said she would be back soon, but just keep calling and complaining about Janis and Donna seemed upset and saidd I have to go. I wrote primecups my phone number on a sheet of primecups paper and put it in primecups your hand and then I saw Donna went to the disco. I waited a few minutes and followed. primecups Donna and Janis joined two men and got on the dance floor. I turned my attention to a blonde woman sitting at the bar. She was talkative and said she entered the club every weekend. After a while he said he left for the parking of a cigarette. She asked me to go with her. Went to a dimly lit room, and kissed her. She ran her hand down the front of my jeans and was rubbing my cock. " Would you do it," he said in a tone of urgency. I was for her, and soon was up against a tree and her skirt around her waist. I entered her pussy and started fucking away as hard as I could. She moaned out loud and told me to fuck her like a whore. Then I heard voices, was Donna and Janis and the two men who had been dancING. They went to the parking lot and got into a car. Donna looked at me as she left. I wondered if I had seen. I kept fucking my new found friend and soon took off in it. I lowered it, and she sat on my semen dripping from their lips that. "I'm Gail, " he said, laughing out loud as primecups she wiped her pussy with a tissue. I went to the disco for a while and Gail bought a drink. I left soon after and returned to my friend. that had just climbed into bed when the phone rang. It was Donna. " I saw you and the girl in the parking lot," he laughed. "And I saw you and your friend and two guys left in a hurry," he said. "You've been bad," he said.. I told him, in fact, very cheeky and asked if he had any fun. Donna hesitated and then said, "Now I primecups can confess, we parked and Janis began the primecups boy's head and then started having sex and was imprisoned in the setd the same, " " very good ", said Donna said: ".. I have come ", and laughed nervously Donna asked me to meet the next night and maybe we could, where we left off. Donna said," Yes "
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